International Adoptions

We have tied up with AAR-Europe (Adopt A Rescue Europe) as our representative in Europe for the adoption of our dogs and cats. All Green Paws Dogs and Cats up for adoption are posted on the socials of AAR-Europe.

About AAR- Europe
This is an individual quest to rescue the thousands of strays cats and dogs suffering on the harsh streets of the Middle East and finding them loving, forever homes in Europe. Effort founded by an expat based in the Netherlands.

Our Fees

Charging adopters for repatriation costs can be seen as ethical if it ensures the well-being and safety of the rescued animals. However, it's essential to ensure that our options are reasonable and transparent.

Option 1: Pay adoption fees only

  • Feline: Euro 300
  • Feline Pair: Euro 500
  • Canine Small-Medium: Euro 450
  • Canine Large- XL - Euro 575

Option 1 adoption fees covers the ticket, transportation, legal documentation travel crate, vaccination, microchip, deworming, neuter/spay of the animal. (FIV/FELV tests are mandatory for all cats) (The above fees only cover 50% of the pet relocations costs, the rest 50% is borne by Green Paws LLC)

Option 2: Optional and Voluntary- Pay relocation expenses of the pet

It is pertinent to note that we oversee a network of over 100 rescues and adhere rigorously to established guidelines within the United Arab Emirates, where fundraising or accepting donations to defray costs is not permitted. 

Consequently, our operations are solely sustained by local adoption fees that cover the A-Z of running a rescue operation.  There are months where adoptions are hardly prevalent and this puts a huge deficit in our balances - leaving us with very limited resources and funds. 

You are invited to cover the full travel expenses associated with adopting a pet, thereby availing the option to waive the adoption fee, as outlined above.  While this alternative may entail marginal higher costs for the you (the adopter), it significantly lowers the financial burden borne by Green Paws - and helps the next rescue.

(PS: having said the above we still bear the costs for all the services to send you a healthy tip-top doggy/kitty) 

Option 2 covers the same as Option 1, the ticket, transportation, legal documentation travel crate, vaccination, microchip, deworming, neuter/spay of the animal. (FIV/FELV tests are mandatory for all cats)

If you wish to pay in full for the dog/cat you can directly reimburse our Local Pet Relocation Company.