1. What do I need to take into consideration when fostering?

  • A friendly neighbor
  • Patience, Patience and Patience!
  • Dog/cat experience and approval of all your family members
  • Being ready to clean pee and poo – even potty trained dogs get stressed and have accidents.
  • Time to integrate your pet (Green Paws is here to support).
  • Pets are not toys to please children. Do not get a dog or cat because your child is asking.
  • Go through the 3 weeks foster duration before adopting. This will offer you first-hand experience to deal with the requirements and needs of having a pet. Then you'll be able to decide if you're ready for a 15 year commitment.

2. How long can I foster?

  • We request a minimum of 3-4 weeks fostering or you can choose to foster until the pet is adopted.

3. If I foster, can I adopt?

  • Yes you can, if you meet the adoption criteria/ No, if you do not. Merely being attached to a pet is not enough to adopt. You need to have the financial ability to provide a good life for the animal and be able to pay large bills in case the pet gets sick, or pay for relocation fees if you ever move to a different country.
  • Remember pets are for life!

4. What is the foster responsible for?

  • Buy a leash/harness, bowls and high quality pet food and litter box/litter.
  • Help with transportation to vets or boarding facility etc.
  • Effort to take good pictures and give us feedback about the dog/cat's personality and behavior.
  • Take advice from the Green Paws team on pet management.

5. If I have incurred expenses during the fostering period will Green Paws reimburse me? 

  • As a foster you will provide the daily needs for the animal as stated in Q.4.
  • All medical visits are on us, at our designated vets only. 
  • Any medical appointment needs to be booked by Green Paws team at our designated vets and kennels.
  • You will not be reimbursed should you wish to take take the pet to another vet.

6. During fostering what support do I get?

  • A group chat will be created to support the transition of the pet and the entire fostering period.
  • A trainer will be provided if necessary at a cost of AED 200 per session. 
  • Second-hand dog items can be provided- if available- (bed ,crate,  litter box etc)
  • Discounted day care facilities at our kennels.
  • If you wish to offer to cover any services or items it will be entirely voluntary on your part.

7. Two reasons you will be asked to return the pet:

  • If no daily updates are given and posted on the group chat or if we are not informed about any behavioral challenges.
  • If low quality food is fed to the dog/cat or wrong information is given with regards to their diet.

8. Why Green Paws is it taking so long to respond?

  • We are a SINGLE DIGIT team. We have around 70-100 dogs and cats under our care at any time. Please give us 24-36hrs to respond, although we do our best to respond as soon as possible.


9. What do I need to take into consideration when adopting?

  • A full round table discussion with the family. If every single family member agrees (including house help), only then you can contact us to adopt or foster.
  • A commitment of 15yrs.
  • The financial mean to cover the expenses of good quality food, boarding, socialization, grooming and veterinary care.
  • Residential permissions from your landlord.  
  • And a friendly neighbor is a must!
  • Relocation expenses -taking your pet back with you with you leave UAE (and yes they are quite high!!)

10. I am a first-time adopter, what do you advise?

  • Foster a pet for 3-4 weeks before you take the plunge (irrelevant to the size of the dog/cat)

11. When do I pay the adoption fees?

  • Only after the trial period of 8 to 12days is over and you decide to adopt.

12. Are the adoption fees refundable?

  • No they are not, that is why you are given a trial period.

13. What do the fees cover:

  • Pls. see our Fees section

14. What happens during the trial period if I do not want the pet?

  • You need to communicate with our team and give us 10 days to relocate the pet.


15. Post adoption, if circumstances change and I cannot keep the dog/cat, will you take the pet back?

  • Absolutely. Our commitment is for the lifetime of the pet. All Green Paws adopted pets need to be returned to Green Paws only. They are not to be passed on to a friend or another rescue.

16. Can I still ask support from Green Paws' team post adoption?

  • Absolutely. We value our relationship and the well-being of the pet.
  • The support group can exist up to the lifespan of the dog!

If you have further questions that are not covered in this Q&A, pls use the Contact us section to send us a message.