Welcome to our Corporate Social Responsibility page

Green Paws CSR offers support to companies in crafting and implementing tailor-made CSR initiatives that resonate with their organizational values and objectives. This encompasses pinpointing pertinent animal welfare endeavors and initiatives.

Our Mission

Our focus is on adoptions and rehabilitation of the UAE indigenous dog/cat breed (Desert dogs, Desert Mix dogs, Salukis, or Saluki mix dogs and Arabian Maus cats).

Our Vision

We would like to work towards Dubai being recognized among the most pet friendly and compassionate cities in the


Our Core Themes

1. Responsible Pet Ownership.

2. TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) of Cats and Dogs in your Neighborhood.

3. Safeguarding your pet's environment.

Our CSR initiatives are licensed and aimed at contributing towards a more compassionate society by fostering sustainable communities.  The end goal would be to save lives, by engaging the community to advocate responsible pet ownership and adoptions.

Why must  a company/institution engage with Green Paws CSR?

At a business level, it will be strategic to address the current dilemma of abandoned pets in the UAE.

Corporates can leverage their brand powers by teaming up with Green Paws and engage in a programs to educate and influence society‚Äôs perception of abandoned pets.

Such initiatives are powerful marketing tools to appeal to potential adopters and fosters in the UAE, thus educating and empowering them to make the right choice.

If you touch the hearts of your customers and workforce you win brand loyalty and commitment and eventually give back to the community. 

- responsible pet ownership
- environmental impact by engaging in TNR programs to reduce the feline stray population
- Participate in Foster and Adoption Drives
- Increase employee moral and engagement

Contact us at: csrgreenpawsuae@gmail.com